Friday, 21 August 2015

The Infused Water

How my times have changed. Yup..from a free and happy go lucky person to a busy and kinda negative person now. Hence, sometimes I choose to hide myself from everything, everyone and everywhere. How negative huh? Godamnit..Stop complaining! I'll strive hard to change better and better! :)

There was time I used to take pictures wherever I go, whatever I do and upload to my blog and share my stories here. I bet you might too!...if you're still following me. I wish I still have time doing that now. #workinglife #SingleLife #howsadbutnotcomplaining

What makes morning better besides a beautiful and heartwarming breakfast especially before heading to work or to have something on your work desk?

Let's make some fruits infused water. What's infused water?
It's actually water filled with delicious fruits of your choice where it helps to detox, weight loss, burn fat, stress release as well as get rid of the boring water taste!

I make this almost every week.
 Lemon + Cucumber + Pomegranate + Peach
Lemon + Cucumber + Dragonfruit

It depends what fruits I have at home. I prepare this overnight, before going to bed. So that the next morning when I get all prepared to work, I can just grab it from the fridge and head out.

Remember, you can put any fruits that you prefer. However, different fruits would have different benefits. 

For instance, you can see in my every a must for me. Is more for detox and skin clearing.

Detox Benefits:
Cleanse Toxins
Weight Loss

1. Add all ingredients (prefered fruits) into the bottle / pitcher and mix.
2. This needs to sit in the firdge for about 3-4 hours to allow the flavours to come out.
You can pour em into a glass or ......
A huge water dispenser and drink whole day....:) :) :)
I am using this Voss bottle now. It is glass and it's beautiful :D :D 
 Lemon + Cucumber + Blueberry
Lemon + Cucumber + Mint 

Lemon and cucumber is Ultimate detox drink, as you can see...there's my main reason here. To Detox ahhh...Lol.
It really helps me alot, as I always have bloated tummy due to the constipation and eat junk food.
Now that I have a better looking tummy..:D

Give it a try! Taste awesome, Looks Beautiful and Healthy! Burn Fat too!!!! 

:) :) :)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Melby, Melby!

Next stop flew to Melbourne after a week stay in Perth.

I went to Queen Victoria Market the next early morning.  I've always wanted to go there as I wish I can buy those fresh fruits and vegetables back home and cook. Just so you know I love watching Masterchef Australia now. So, I guess I can cook like them! =.=

And when I was trying to take picture of me and this cute little boy ran around me again and again. He is insanely cute and I guess he just wanted to be in my picture and how I wish to grab him and hug him and then, take as many pictures as I can..But the parents were watching him...and me at the side. =.=
I bought this cute sandals there. Love it so much and it's so worth it!

I'm wearing something different that I would normally wear. Something more girly I would say? :)
What I love about travelling is I can wear something different and special. I can take this opportunity to revamp my look, perhaps something more daring? Well, daring not necessary for something wild or exposed. Something that I normally wouldn't dare to wear in Malaysia because I'll be afraid when my friend sees me, they will be like; "Omg Ashley! You wear so cute today!! Doesn't look like you loh!" 

Things like that..haha. And one thing about this trip that I feel quite upset is that I did not bring enough clothes with me.
Because I did a very very last minute packing. So I thought I have enough clothes with me. When I reach there, then only realized that all I have are mostly just the 3 jackets/jumpers and 4 tops. =.=

So, what I actually do is, I mix and match my outfits everyday. With the jackets, tops and the stockings that I have..I match them to look like a different outfit. :)
Went to Flinders Street and stopped by this cafe.
Loving the breakfast place here! I love sitting outdoor especially on a winter morning! <3
Opps..Hey, mate! Thanks for looking at my camera! :p
The best Spanish Baked Eggs I've ever had as I have tasted so many baked eggs here and they tasted like overcooked baked eggs with tomato sauce... This is the BooM! :)

I've posted few of these pics on FB and I thought of posting something more like a bunch of "blooper" pictures here..LOL.

I go to Bourke Street most of the time as there's the only place that I'm most familiar with now when he's busy working. And then, I'll meet up with him when he's done with his job. How lovely is that! :)
 "Wait let me fix my top".
"Wait..I want that to flip my hair, then you snap ok?" (Epic Fail)
Ok, here's a fine one to cover up the failures. LOL. :P

Monday, 30 June 2014

Smile, Play, Love.

Hey guys! How is it going? Yes, I know you have not been seeing me updating my blog for ages. I apologize for that. I actually needed a break for my blog. I want to repair and rebuild the window of showing you the different view of my life. :)

So...this is it!

If you're still reading my blog now, I am feeling so appreciative that you are still following my blog and please, do not hesitate to ask me anything! :)

All that pushing can feel so smart and productive until you’re exhausted, dehydrated, overextended, overwhelmed, or otherwise ready to snap. I’ve been in all those spots and now I'm just keep growing again and again.

Remember, you need a break too. No? :)

I went for a vacation in Aussie last month. First stop, in Perth. I've never seen myself with that big smile on my face for such a long time.
It was such a spectacular moment, that I've got to spend the most memorable time with the loved ones and getting myself off from the negative and draining people around me.

Cause in Aussie, you can take beautiful pictures basically everywhere.
I love taking pictures, everywhere we go, I'll ask to stop by and then start taking pictures.....of me. *heh...
Haha...stupid me. But it makes me happy, as we both love doing silly things together. He just can't stop making me laugh.

Check out the huge flower in my glass that matches my blazer. How cool is that! =P
The breakfast there are wonderful, the coffee there, I make sure I drink 2 cups a day from different cafes. I hunt as many I can!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Stay Top and Chill Out, Stratosphere

It's been awhile since I last partied. Hmm...I guess that's because I was so tied up lately no matter with work or gym and getting worn out easily. Ahh...seriously? Is that the sign on getting old? You've got to be kidding me!

But HEY! No worries, if you feel the same like me, feeling little bit tired, don't feel like partying too hard but to chill out more at night with the amazing view with the great people. Come to The Roof! My always favorite place to hang out. Why?'s just so near to my house..LOL!

The Roof has never disappointed me so far as they have 5 different hubs for you to choose from in ONE destination! Click Here for the soft launch event post that I've attended the last time.

Last Saturday I pulled myself outta my house to chill out at Stratosphere and this time, I brought this little monster,
Elyn along with me for the first time..Haha. 
Introducing you, Miss Elyn.
How can you not enjoy this beautiful night accompanied by the chill-out music especially with your bunch of friends or maybe your loved ones here :)
The grassy helipad and glowing neon lights and chairs make the ambiance feels so much like a chill-out party.
With ma Ladies; Elyn, Michelle, Sandy and Joanna
The bunch of awesome people :)
And with Samuel with his cool "bow tie" :D
To enjoy a night at this very special view at Stratosphere will cost you an RM50 cover charge, and you’ll receive either a bottle of beer, a glass of champagne or some juice.

Owh..not long after that, we decided to head down to SCORE to enjoy beer and cocktails. What's more? To watch football match, play foosball, iDarts and pool. 
Ahh..what a nice and comfortable seat to watch football. Honestly, I would rather come here once in awhile to chill out with friends and watch football as the price here is so reasonable.
And come on, if you have the sudden urge to partying, just walk to the next door, PLAY!
Joanna and I were posing at Michelle's cam but I failed terribly as Joanna turned out to be so adorable but me, I have no idea what's that face..haha!
Finally a picture with the busy Yuki! :*
Love this pic by Michelle <3

You've got to visit The Roof if you haven't! 
Visit their Facebook page for more info and updates:

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Samsung GALAXY Life Official Launch

Hello boys and girls. Remember the previous blogpost that I was mentioning how I came across this pretty cool app called GALAXY Life and how I redeem my awesome deal at myBurgerLab?

Now this Samsung GALAXY Life app is officially launched last Friday at Renoma Cafe Gallery.
This means more and more awesome deals coming your way. Ahh..who doesn't love discounts!!

I remember I redeemed so many deals already from my GALAXY Life app..hehe!
I just love it so much as it is just so much fun and convenient! <3

If you still have no idea what this app is all about, let me briefly explain to you what are the coolest and privileges that you can enjoy by just downloading this FREE app on you Samsung devices.

Once downloaded, you will be able to take advantage of so many discounts and privileges offered by the more than 50 partners such as myBurgerLab, Escape Room, Coffea Coffee, Christy Ng, Zalora and many more.

Well, this app is not all about discounts. You can always stay updated with the latest events with the partners and also the best recommended apps with GALAXY Life.

Models showcasing the GALAXY Life app.

Like I mentioned before, I have been scrolling through the app to check out if there's any exclusive deals and offers every time as I love how every time I got so excited when I see some cool deals and you can enjoy the discounts and offers so easily! :)

Now Samsung users on Android 4.1 and above, quickly get yourself the app here or download it on PlayStore.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Demon Body?!

I know I've been MIA for ages on my blog God knows for how long. I have been trying so hard to get myself back to sit down here comfortably facing this huge PC of mine and start doing what I love.

You know it is kinda difficult to spend a little time just to sit down here and watch my favorite drama like once? I've been really really busy lately. Ahh..I miss holidays!

Despite I have that short free time or I can leave work early, I would utilize that valuable time to rush to the gym.

One thing that I must ADMIT is my core is not as strong compared to the last time and I am not feeling very happy at all about it, all because of my time constraint now. However, I will still try my 100% to train as hard as I could to push myself a little harder to workout as working out is one of the things that keeps me happy. :)

Most of my friends told me that I have that ordinary looking face but muscular looking body or 天使脸孔魔鬼身材. I'm like Seriously? I have no idea if that's a compliment or an insult huh?

So this is my, angel face huh?
Owh, btw..some of you were asking about my hair colour.

DAVINES invited me over for hair coloring and treatment experience last month actually. My hair colour is Sand.
The whole hair treatment was so comfortable and I can barely smell the scary chemical products the normal salons using.
You can check out their website for more info. Love their hair products as there're totally authentic, natural, zero impact to the environment and without strong chemical that will damage your hair so bad.
Because I love wearing crop tops lately but sometimes I CROPPED them abit too short for taking selfies purpose ONLY..LoL.
As I know if I wear out like this, I will frighten most of the people and kena tangkap by the police or kena summoned pun! 

And....because sometimes I like to take pics of my accomplishments. Of course, I feel great seeing all the muscles. :)
And this is my demon side la? -_-

I always love to train my abs, secondly my back. Every girls want to have strong and sexy back!

What are my back workout routines?
I do barbell bent-over row most of the time and also clean & press.
These 2 back workout exercises are my favorites and the best for me.
Hmm..guess I should have do a back workout video the next time then!

This is a very first short workout video if you haven't watch on my Instagram.

Working out on arms and also abs.
- Mountain climbers + push ups
- Spiderman push ups

Never really tried recording myself during working out as nobody is free to help me out nor I can put my phone at the side stabily to film myself at the gym.
However, will try do it the next time at the gym and share with you all my workout routines! 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

GALAXY Life Allows Me to Discover so Many Exclusive Deals!

Last week I just upgraded my phone, S4 to the very new and classy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold White! Reason why I upgraded my phone? I will share to you on my next blogpost. J Not to mention, I super love this Rose Gold White Edition and I just can’t take my eyes off it now still..LoL. No kidding!

Because I just got my very new Note 3, I needed to download some cool apps to my phone. So, I was fiddling through the apps in Play Store that day and came across this Samsung Galaxy Life app. It caught my attention as I read the descriptions saying that this app can let us enjoy local privileges deals and also app recommendations which are just what I needed.

Hence, I decided to give it a try and downloaded the app. There are total of 7 pillars under the Galaxy Life such as Live, Entertain, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise.

First, I went through this Live category and found this super awesome deal! I saw FOOODD!! Hahaha..yea, guess what?! MyBurgerLab is in it. Without a second thought, I quickly clicked on it to check out what kind of promotion they are having. 
It says I can only redeem when I am close to buying my burger which means I have one hour time to redeem once I clicked on it. So I was chatting with Joanna and I told her about this deal and asked her to download this Galaxy Life asap so that we can go to redeem our scrumptious burgers right after this for dinner. What’s funny was, she told me that she was about to tell me the same thing too because she also just found out the app..haha! Talk about active Samsung users..Lololol.

Long story short, we went to the Sea Park outlet and redeemed the promo by showing our phones to the cashier. It was pretty interesting as they had this lucky dip and I got the 30% offer on my total bills but the condition is to play the scissor paper stone game with the cashier...Interesting huh? :D
Very fun, very special I would say. There were long queue behind me looking at us taking longer than usual to play the game because I kept throwing the same moves with the cashier. In the end, I lost. =.= But hey no worries, I still get to enjoy the minimum 10% discount on my total bills. :D :D Not bad huh?
Check out the queue behind us. Crazy right? Guess they all came for the same reason after discovering the deal in Galaxy Life.
This is their signature A+ beef burger minus the 10% discount..yay! :D Ahhh…I already fell in love with this app. I have already seen so many great deals in the Galaxy Life app and can’t wait to see more of the privileges especially under Live and Entertain categories as I am more looking forward to fitness or fashion deals and also the best apps recommendations for my phone! :D :D
*Scrolling through the Galaxy Life every day now onwards**

Go and download GALAXY Life app now here: